Matchmaker Select Software is designed exclusively for matchmakers to aid and streamline the full range of client management. It maximizes both client volume and quality matches and, ultimately, allows you to achieve a higher success rate and grow your business. It is accessible from multiple locations on a web-based secure server and provides the ability to track everything you do from the first call to the wedding date.

Matchmaker Select Benefits:

  • Full customization is available
  • Prior applications can easily be transferred, depending on format
  • Cloud data storage allows you to access all information securely and from remote locations
  • Ability to set up multiple logins for employee access
  • Streamlined process is effective and fast, leading to a higher success rate and the ability to increase client volume
  • Software efficiency leads to decreased workload, allowing more time for clients and marketing your business
  • Creates confidence, accountability, integrity, and knowledge

Client Management Functions:

  • Maintain all client history and updates including payments, prospects, notes, and completed introductions
  • Comprehensive search engine
  • Client feedback and survey tracking
  • Decline/accept function
  • Rate prospects, forward applications, track feedback
  • Date scheduling utility
  • Track introduction details and date surveys
  • Ability to “freeze” a contract when client is successfully dating
  • Mass email capability

Report Function:

  • Ability to track profile updates made by clients within a selected time frame
  • Search new and existing applications within a selected time frame
  • View entire client reports in one click
  • Ability to target potential clients in order to facilitate sales
  • Ability to export report results to Microsoft Excel


  • View month by month calendar detailing payments, notes, contract details, and introductions
  • Reflects updates from client’s administrative page


  • Ability to request and track payment using a secure server

For more information, including pricing and product demonstration, please contact Laurie Berzack at (704) 957-4704 or